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Negar Tamin is one of the supplier of measuring instruments, heating elements & combustion systems for domestic industries like Steel, Cement, Ceramics,Food processing,Chemistry, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Power plants, Pharmeceutical, and many other industries which are users of these kind of products.The management of this company has more than 25 years experience as a managing director of a furnace manufacturer for different types of kilns and furnaces.

Products and equipment that we can supply are as following:


Refractory & Thermal Insulation

Temperature Sensors & Accessories

Measuring & Control Instrument

Monitoring & Recorder Systems

Burners & Combustion Systems

Industrial Thyristors

Heating Elements

Gas Analyzers

Industrial Kiln& Furnaces


عایق های حرارتی و نسوزها
تجهیزات ابزار دقیق
المنت های حرارتی
Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

Thermal Insulating Catalog

Measuring Isntrument Catalog

Heating Elements&Combustion Systems Catalog







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