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“SIMUWU”vacuum furnace , Which is specialized for industrial vacuum furnace manufacturing for twenty years, The company was established by few experienced engineers who has been working in heat treatment industry and vacuum furnace manufacturing factories for about 20 years. With the advanced technology, powerful producing capability and professional engineering service. SIMUWU has been providing more and more high standard products and service to our customers around the world



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ECOTHERM produces industrial furnaces and auxiliary equipment for aluminum melting and heat treatment. Also serves industrial automation and machine revision works. 



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UTTIS is the leader in heating equipment market from Romania.

The products and services offered by UTTIS are certified in quality system ISO 9001and environmental ISO 14001.

Since 1994 UTTIS extended continuously its range of products and services, and now in the second decade of activity, has the ability to provide its customers with complete and complex solutions, starting with the analysis of client requirements, choosing the most suitable technologies and specific equipment.

There is also the possibility, in order to cut costs, to modernize existing equipment.



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